Continuing Education

It’s not just universities that are in the business of education. Certifying bodies and member organizations are increasingly tasked with keeping people up-to-date with targeted knowledge. Continuing education and certification courses can be enhanced with the use of webcasting. Continuing medical education providers, financial services organizations, law firms, insurance brokers, among many, can use webcasting to educate and certify their audiences. 
The task of managing a testing and certification program can be expensive and complicated. Transitioning to a webcast platform testing and certification program means that your client base can easily access tests from their personal computer or device, enabling them to learn at their own pace. Constituents can attend their required courses and lectures on-the-go via a mobile device or from the convenience of their home or office, either live or on-demand.

TalkPoint provides a unique presentation tool along with the required registration, security, polling and reporting so presenters know their viewers are watching and completing the required coursework. Our webcasts are automatically archived, providing a database of training programs that can be easily kept current.