Business Uses

The possible business uses for webcasts are as limitless as the number of business models and industries. Companies have made significant reductions in the cost of travel by using webcasts to expand the reach of, and in some cases replace, meetings that were traditionally held in conference centers and hotels. Webcasts provide a more engaging option to voice-only conference calls and advances in technology mean there are plenty of opportunities for interaction including polls, social media add-ons and testing modules. 

Whether you are looking to drive leads, educate your employees, retain clients or create new revenue streams, we have a webcasting solution that integrates with your business objective.

Our clients use TalkPoint webcasting technology and services for:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Pay-Per-Views
  • Product Launches
  • Executive Briefings
  • Sales Endeavors
  • Informational Sessions
  • Sponsorships
  • Internal and External Trainings            
  • Transaction Announcments