Publishing as an industry is in a unique place. The push for readership and advertising dollars has never been more competitive. Professionals in traditional print media are constantly seeking new revenue sources. 

Webinars are the perfect online medium to generate sponsorship, pay-per-view and lead revenues. Let your advertisers reach your readership through a cost-effective, advanced marketing channel that goes beyond traditional print or banner campaigns. By offering sponsored webinars to your advertisers, you're enabling the expansion of their marketing reach by providing rich data on leads. That means you're offering them immediate, measurable results.  

The largest, most well-known publishing brands in the world use TalkPoint to drive additional revenue streams through webinars.


Webcasting Uses for Publishers:

  • Business Information
  • Road Shows
  • Instructional Communication      
  • Current Events
  • Best Practices
  • Advertorials

Our publishing clients include: