TalkPoint provides webcasting services for government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. We have also worked with a variety of regulatory organizations and certifying entities, facilitating their ability to communicate with their audiences. Our webcast solutions are secure, reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.


Webcasting Features for Government Agencies:

  • Captioning: Closed captioning allows the listening impaired to participate in the presentation. The closed captioning appears directly within the media window and provides seamless, timely content.
  • Transparency: Meeting URLs are publicly available for live and recorded meetings with indefinite hosting.
  • Sustainability: Webcasting is the most environmentally friendly way to convey messages to large audiences.
  • Scalability: Our webcasting solution is fully-scalable to accommodate virtually unlimited audiences.
  • Registration and Reporting: Robust registration and reporting functionalities allows agencies and departments to track usage and follow up with attendees.
  • Testing and Certification: Graded exams at the conclusion of events allow for certificate issuance by most certifying agencies and organizations.
  • Security: A variety of security options ensure the integrity of your audiences and protect content when required. These security options, including “token passing,” help agencies adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Webcasting Uses for Government Agencies:

  • Committee Meetings      
  • Public Education
  •  Emergency Communication
  • Trainings
  •  Conferences and Events


TalkPoint Government Contracts:



GSA Contract # GS-07F-049AA 



NYS Contract # CMT514A